The Pop Culture Floor Presents: Working Fashion Weeks!

Join the Carlyle Pop Culture Floor for a night of food, fun, and fashion! Guest speakers who have attended fashion weeks all over the globe from Paris to Berlin will provide their insights as well as career tips for those hoping to break into the fashion industry. The program will be held in the C2 Lounge on Thursday (2/27) at 6 PM.


The Pop Culture Floor Presents: Celebrity Worship Syndrome

More people know about Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce than they do about President Barack Obama. We live in a society that idolizes celebrities at every level – but when does this obsession go too far? Join RA Saad and the Pop Culture Floor for a screening of The Bling Ring and a discussion about celebrity worship culture. Indian Food will be catered by The Jackson Diner at 7PM in the C2 Lounge on Thursday 2/20!

SATURDAY: Street Photography Workshop!

On Saturday (11/16) at 11AM, join RA Saad and the Pop Culture floor for an opportunity to create your own photos with New York City as your backdrop! Acclaimed photographer Reuben Radding will be leading this session and all materials will be provided. We will head out into the city to take our frames and head back to the C2 Lounge to develop the pictures and discuss our experiences. Be sure to bring a MetroCard and a $5 co-pay!

See Radding’s photos!



FRIDAY: Sleep No More


Join RA’s Rai and Saad for the World’s most interactive play: Sleep No More! Based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, it takes place at the abandoned McKittrick Hotel. There will meeting on Friday, November 1 2013 at 6:30 to watch a movie version of Macbeth prior to attending the show. Be sure to bring a $10 copay at this time. There are limited spots for this exciting program so be sure to sign up quick!





TUESDAY: My Little Brony – An Exploration of Subculture

Join RA Saad, FA Terri, and the Pop Culture floor for a screening of Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony followed by an informative and entertaining discussion with guest speakers about the transgression and subversion of cultural norms around the world. Free cupcakes and snacks will be provided! Meet in the C2 Lounge on Tuesday (10/22) @ 6PM!


[THURSDAY] Of Friends & Fame: Celebrity in the Facebook Era

Are you “Internet famous”?

Join RA Chris, FA Terri, and former Microsoft researcher Dr. Alice Marwick as they discuss the work they’ve done on micro-celebrity: the way we construct ourselves as brands online, publically searchable, linking and linked to by others.

We’ll end our talk by looking over one another’s (voluntarily offered!) social media profiles, debating what our responsibilities should be in social media environments that make it hard to differentiate between a community and an audience.

Details: Thursday, March 28th at 6pm in the C2 Entertainment Lounge