Faculty Fellows in Residence

Lorena Llosa


Lorena Llosa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. She has a BA in English, Spanish, and French from Santa Clara University, an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from UCLA, and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from UCLA. Her interests are in the areas of second and foreign language learning, teaching, and assessment. At Steinhardt, she prepares future bilingual, English as a Second Language, and foreign language teachers as well as doctoral students interested in issues of language education and assessment. Originally from Argentina, Lorena has been at NYU and enjoying living in New York for eight years. Prior to coming to New York, she lived in Los Angeles, California. Ask her which city she prefers.

Lorena looks forward to sharing with Carlyle residents fun and exciting programs that explore issues of language, culture, and diversity through music, dance, performances, tours, conversations, and lots of food!

Kristin Horton 

Kristin Horton is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Theater at the Gallatin School. She holds a BA in Religion from Emory University and an MFA in Theater Directing from The University of Iowa. She teaches courses in Shakespeare, ancient theater, directing, devising theater as well as a course in world puppetry traditions. In addition to teaching, she serves as both the Artistic Director of the Gallatin Arts Festival, a community-wide celebration of the unique artistry and interdisciplinary scholarship of students at Gallatin and director of the school’s fall theater production. As a freelance director, she is primarily interested in developing new plays engaging cross-cultural dialogue as well as staging classics for the contemporary stage. Kristin lives with Basil, the dog that looks like a fox. Be sure to say hello if you see them coming and going in the courtyard or hallways!


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