What is the A space?

The difference between the A room and the B room is that the A room is not separated from the common space. The B room (think “B for bedroom”) has its own door, but is generally a little smaller.

Residents have found very creative ways to virtually create a bedroom in the A space – from arranging the desks to essentially create a “wall,” hanging up curtains, installing dividers, etc.

Check out some examples below in the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Residents Alyssa and Marlena show off their room in Carlyle, making good use of the A space!


2 comments on “What is the A space?

  1. Aly says:


    I am wondering if the three towers of Carlyle Court are connected at all or are completely separate buildings? I will be living here this summer.


  2. Esplin says:

    what are the dimensions or the A space

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