Kitsuné was adopted in October of 2009 when he was about 3 years old from a shelter in California. He took a first class (coach) flight to NYC, escorted by his Uncle Christian to meet his mom. He is living the true American Dream! From rags to riches – San Fernando Valley, CA to a lavish lifestyle in New York City! In addition, he’s got a better wardrobe than Beyoncé. Kitsuné enjoys short walks in the concrete jungle of NYC, hanging out in the Carlyle courtyard, snacking on turkey bits, snuggling with his mom and of course hanging out with all of his friends, Griffin, Lucia & Basil! He’s very quiet mannered, but definitely get’s excited when he passes by the Resource Center, where our Resource Manager, Priscilla keeps doggy treats. Lastly, he’s a jet setter and loves to fly to his homeland in Los Angeles, CA to hang out with his big beautiful family and get spoiled by grandma! Kitsuné is very friendly and hopes you add him on Facebook and say hello whenever you see him around!

Lucia is a six-year-old, six-pound Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle mix) who loves playing fetch with her tiny tennis ball and is expert at coercing people into giving her lots of attention. Her favorite spots are Washington Square Park and the Carlyle Courtyard. Keep an eye out for her fast wagging tail.


Basil – FFIR Kristin Horton’s pride and joy!!!”


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